How to Speed Up Videos on TikTok [Easy Method] 

You can speed up the video in TikTok by using the Speed tool. In addition to editing videos uploaded to TikTok, you can also speed them up. So How to Speed Up Videos on TikTok while it’s being recorded? When uploading a video to TikTok, how do I speed it up? Don’t know what to do? If yes, then don’t worry, your confusion got cleared after reading our post!

How to Speed Up Videos on TikTok

How Does TikTok Work?

Social media apps such as TikTok have become increasingly popular. Having been a huge success since its launch, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. You can upload all types of videos on TikTok, if you’ve never heard of it before. Moreover, you can also try out Tiktok Video Downloader Tool.

Downloading the app and creating an account are requirements for getting started. The next step is to select a topic that interests you after you have decided what niche you would like to pursue. There are many niche topics that are suitable for niche sites, including entertainment, fitness, food, and arts. Start recording your first video by clicking the (+) icon on the home screen. Afterward, you can apply effects, filters, stickers, etc.

Why to Speed UP and Slow Down Videos?

In addition to enhancing the enjoyment of a TikTok video by speeding or slowing it down, you can also make it more fun by altering its timing. When you want to emphasize an exciting moment in your TikTok video, you may want to speed it up or slow it down.

If you’re dancing or acting out a scene in your video, try speeding it up to make it more impactful. In addition to blurs and glows, it is possible to add other effects. You can also edit the text along with changing the colors and backgrounds. Your video will be more likely to be viewed and shared if you include all of these things.

Speed Up/Slow Down TikTok Video Before Uploading

Step 1: Start TikTok by clicking the icon. Below the screen, you’ll find a menu. You can upload TikTok videos without watermarks by tapping the “+” button.

Step 2: The application opens the camera when you press the “+” button, but you can also upload photos. Click Upload. Changing the speed or slowing down of a video is as easy as selecting it. Next, tap the button.

Step 3: Below the video, there are a few buttons and a timeline. You can change the speed by tapping the speedometer icon.

Below is the Timeline

Step 4: The timeline offers three speeds; 0.5X, 1X, and 2X. The video was originally sped up by 1X. TikTok videos can be slowed down or sped up by tapping on 0.5X or 2X. By tapping on Next, you can choose any speed you like.


Step 5: It will then enter editing mode after being processed. A clip can be cropped, edited sound and music, sound effects can be added, and text can be added. Tap Next if you want to proceed.

Step 6: You can post it after adding the description of the post.

Click Next to Finish

How to Speed Up TikTok Videos During Recording

Step 1: On your device, launch the TikTok app. On the bottom-left corner of the interface is a + button. Tap it to open the camera. The top right corner of the screen contains some editing features.

Step 2: Using TikTok’s speedometer icon, you can choose between 5 speed options for your video. Directly on TikTok, you can speed up the video by 2X or 3X.

Step 3: The red circle icon at the bottom of the screen will start recording when you have chosen the speed. Different speeds can be used when recording a video.

Step 4: You can tap on the tick mark once you have captured the desired video. Tap on the Next option after editing the video if necessary. Click on Post and enter a description.

Speed up Videos on Tiktok

Can you speed up or slow down videos Directly on TikTok?

The answer is yes. The speed of your videos can be controlled, as we discussed in the previous section. You can also speed up or slow down the audio depending on what you are recording and how you want it. Your followers can learn a new TikTok dance by watching you do this. After you re-speed up the audio and slow down the video, the video can be uploaded.


Question 1: Why can’t I adjust clips on tik tok?

Answer: The reason you aren’t able to find the Adjust Clips option when editing your video on TikTok could be that your clip is too short. Increasing the length of your video can be done by adding some more footage or extending your existing footage.

Question 2: Why does Tiktok shorten video clips?

Answer: With Tik Tok, you can only play 15 seconds of audio from music providers. Their app would demise if more music was added to it, which would result in a flood of lawsuits. The more music they allow, the more they are engaging in copyright infringement. A short video is also one of their goals.

Final Thoughts

There is a common trend on TikTok to speed up or slow down your videos. On TikTok, videos can be sped up or slowed down. Here in this article, I have explained How to Speed Up Videos on TikTok in detail. So if you still have any issue in this topic, you can ask in the comment section. Thank You!

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